Resident Evil 6

 Despite its high points, the designers of Resident Evil 6 seem to have wanted to make a monster movie, but settled for designing another version of a once very good game instead.

Capcom Co., Ltd. has just released the highly anticipated follow-up game to its successful Resident Evil 5 video game. Capcom is a Japanese game developer and publisher that has enjoyed huge success with the multi-million-selling game franchises of Resident Evil and Street Fighter. Following the success of its early games, the company quickly became an international enterprise with branches and subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and East Asia. Now that Resident Evil 6 is out, the reviews are starting to trickle in and game critics are saying that in the 6th installment of the long running game, a once-great series has taken a slight turn for the worse. In a case of overreach, critics say the game seems to be trying to do too much, at the expense of actual game play, and that the game now feels more like a movie that resents the player’s interference, and is now a lot less of a total-immersion gaming experience.

In addition to normal single-player modes, number 6 now has an added element of cooperative play that requires players to walk around the gamescape and solve various problems with a second player, or lacking another player, RE6 provides an artificial intelligence partner to play along with. Reviewers say the AI partner is the more acceptable of the two because when played with two live human partners, the cooperative play is burdensome and tiring to watch as players are forced to sit and watch their partners slowly fumble through the landscapes.

Critics have said the cutscenes or events in the game where the player has little or only limited control, are too long and too frequent, requiring too much down time where one player basically does nothing while they wait for their partner to finish a task before the game continues. Resident Evil 6 contains a full 4 hours of these tiresome cutscenes, compared to just 1 hour of cutscenes in the faster-paced R.E. 4 and 5 game versions.

Another game feature that seems more of an added detraction is the annoying number of quick-time events and random attacks that require players to move the joystick around and press a sequence of buttons fast enough to elude the attacks. Some players have said the events are too numerous and too distracting, and the payoff for success is just a loud chime and a bright onscreen flash that distracts from the game’s otherwise good visual elements. It takes about six hours to complete each of the game’s four campaigns and there is a bonus “Mercenaries mode” that some say could be the best in action gaming history. Despite the high points, the overall take on Resident Evil 6 seems to be that the game designers really wanted to make a monster movie, but had to make do with designing another version of a once very popular and very good game. It is unsophisticated fun to blast away at monsters and zombies, but if you are looking for a cerebral experience, Resident Evil 6 may not be your cup of tea.