Real Life Mario Kart! Probably the Coolest Thing…Ever.

 We all know and love the classic Nintendo 64 Mario Kart; all of the other versions that proceeded the N64 version, let’s admit it, were not even comparable. The iconic Mario Kart has been attempted to be replicated in real life numerous times, but with little success…until now. 

The young engineers of Waterloo Labs managed to create the closest replica of Mario Kart, fully loaded with weapons, speed boosts and power ups! 

These brilliant engineers managed to create a system that ACTUALLY works. Let’s start from the beginning. First, they started with regular go karts that you would race at an amusement park and a regular track. Then they installed, essentially, little micro processors or computers to each go-kart. These processors allow for all of the go-karts to “be on the same page”. This is the main factor in effectively managing all of the items in Mario Kart, like bananas, starts, and turtle shells. Then, they installed an air pump launcher on each go-kart. This is, obviously, a crude explanation; the logistics of it all are much, much more complicated. 

Now let’s get to the fun stuff, the actual race. The race begins and all of the racers are going the same speed (due to a speed control that is added for fairness and application of items). The item boxes have been hung up on a type of clothes line just above the racers. The boxes are simply decorated cardboard boxes filled with stuffed replicas of turtle shells, stars, etc. 

Once the racers reach the boxes, they must reach up and grab a box to obtain an item. If a racer gets a banana, they throw the stuffed banana toy onto the track. When someone hits it, that person’s steering on their go-kart will automatically make a hard turn, causing them to spin out. If a player gets a star, all other racers go karts will have the brakes automatically applied and their steering locked. If a player gets a lightning bolt, all other karts brakes will be applied. If a player gets a mushroom speed boost, their throttle or speed control is lifted, and their kart can go as fast as it will allow. Last but not least, if a player get a turtle shell, they shove the stuffed turtle shell into their air launcher, aim and fire at an opposing player. If the turtle shell hits another player, then the victims brakes are applied and their steering locked. 

This is the closest anyone has come to being able to replicate this iconic game. Now, all we need to do is produce it on a mass scale and put it in theme park and amusement parks around the world. Not only would that be the coolest thing ever, but it would, literally, make thousands of people dreams of playing Mario Kart in real life come true. 

Here is a link to a video of the engineers fully explaining this process, as well as a demonstration of the race at work! Seriously, check it out!